vibrations important high frequencies in the rudder pedals

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vibrations important high frequencies in the rudder pedals

Post by airgasme » Wed Jul 08, 2015 1:01 pm

Dear; ( If you can help me or if you have same problem please make you response)

I am the owner of the Tecnam P2002 Sierra Serial No. 363 - Rotax 912 UL-SFR - Commissioning 19.6.2008 - Currently 509 hours of flight.

Since June 2011 (about 230 hours), we find flight and ground vibrations important high frequencies in the rudder pedals. The intensity of these vary with engine speeds. A 5000 rpm / min and above frequencies are closer together and seem less present. From 4800rpm/mn to 4400rpm/mn they are amplified. These vibrations are more or less present at all engine speeds, even the ground plane off and the engine running.

An attempt was made in flight engine shutdown: vibrations are nonexistent.

Here below lists the checks performed on the device (engine and airframe) to find the cause of the vibration. Furthermore all periodic maintenance and inspections were done carefully by a qualified mechanic.

Note: 13.5.2011 - Repair Tecnam France - Change of sheets right wing underside, following a break of the train (bolt out)

24.06.2011 - Check tracking propeller standard GT Tonini - 238h
16.08.2011 - Check carburetors - 282H
16.08.2011 - Move needle carburetor (fortification mix) - 282 h
02.09.2011 - Engine Control - Tracking propeller - 284h
12.11.2011 - propeller control, dynamic balancing, tracking and sync carburetors - 304H
14.03.2012 - Removing the main gear wheel fairings (flight test without fairings) - 320h
14.03.2012 - Removing red nose wheel fairings (flight test without fairings) - 320h
19.08.2012 - Change of silent-blocks (4) - 338H
09.09.2012 - Compression test cylinders (4) - 355h
08.06.2013 - Replacement bladed wooden propeller Tonini by Duc Tripale Flash composite propeller - Adjusting the pitch and dynamic balancing, sync carburetors - 385h
03.08.2013 - Adjusting cable tension spring and rudder controls.

June 2015: Inspection Reducer, following recommendation Rotax France

I would appreciate if you kindly give me your feedback to help me find (the) source (s) of these vibrations and to remedy.

I remain at your disposal to complete this information.

Thanking you in advance, I'll address my cordial greeting

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Re: vibrations important high frequencies in the rudder peda

Post by LUFTY » Wed Jul 08, 2015 11:29 pm

Hi airgasme

Welcome to the forum.

If you put very light pressure on the rudder pedals does the vibration and noise go away ?

Kind regards


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