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Maintenance tips

Post by Eaglet » Fri Mar 20, 2015 12:44 am

Here are some maintenance points that I picked up when doing the annual inspection with my L2 (plane is 5 years old):
- flap bearings: remove bolts, free up the self-aligning bearings and lubricate prior to reassembly (found 1 seized bearing)
- flap and aileron actuator bearings: same, remove and lubricate, making sure they are rotating freely (found 1 bearing very stiff)
- elevator bearings: check the free-play (movement) at each outer end of the elevator, there should be none apart from some flexing. Remove the bearing bolt, free up the self-aligning bearing, lubricate and re-install the bolt with a new lock nut. Make sure the bolt/nut is tightened correctly and is holding the bearing inner race firmly (elevator movement only between the inner and out race). Found 1 loose bolt and both bearings seized.
- control system under seats: check that the elevator bearing (bush) is free in the tube welded to the cabin floor frame cross member and no movement between the bush and control stick
- check all control rod bearings from the stick to the tail and ailerons (same process, remove the bolt, free-up the bearing and lubricate).
- check the rubber bush (grommet) 1/2 way down the fuselage on the elevator push-pull rod, it is a flimsy rubber and best replaced by a small rubber hose or rubber edge trim (cut the hose length-wise and work it onto the inside edge of the hole in the alu bulk head)

General process for freeing up these self-aligning bearings: use a long M6 bolt or philips screw driver, spray brake cleaner onto the bearing and move the inner race in all directions, spray more cleaner on until the bearing moves freely. Let it dry and lubricate with a thick oil (gear oil or marine gear oil). Tecnam is recommending grease but that is very difficult to get into the bearing and impossible to re-lubricate.

If your plane is exposed to rain, re-lubricate each bearing exposed to the weather at regular intervals. Use a syringe or ink refill container filled with the same oil and add a drop to the top of the bearing inner race on both sides. They are all accessible and it takes 10 minutes, don't forget the aileron and trim tab piano hinges.

Once you have done this, the next few years you might not need to remove all of the bearings to free them up, just make sure that they are well lubricated and the movement is only between the inner and outer race.

All other maintenance is as per Tecnam P92 Maintenance Manual. I have created a maintenance check list as a record for the completed maintenance, enhanced with some additional points and much more detail. Tecnam doesn't provide a very useful format. Sorry, can't upload the file, it is above the file size limit. Contact me directly for a copy (

Please share any of your info or experiences with your P92.

Cheers, Thomas
Tecnam P92 Eaglet 24-7749

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