Cotswold Flying School take delivery of P2002JF

News about the Tecnam P2002
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Cotswold Flying School take delivery of P2002JF

Post by LUFTY » Fri Dec 26, 2014 4:21 pm

After about 3 years of struggling and sweating, we have finally managed to purchase a second hand Tecnam 2002 JF which is approved for PPL training.

The advantages of the aircraft are that it is very light and easy to handle. It looks good, and feels good to fly. Above all it is cheaper to run than say a Cessna 152 as it only uses about 15 litres of Mogas an hour, instead of 20 litres of Avgas. It only needs a service every 100 hours instead of 50, the landing fees are cheaper, and it is very simple to maintain.

Stuart and I flew it back from Spain over 2 days in some rather marginal weather. The only problem with the aircraft, like all of the VLA type, is that it is only approved for day VFR only, which means that even though it has all the equipment needed to fly in cloud, and navigate as it has not only a Garmin 430, but an ILS as well. Hopefully some day soon this restriction will be removed.

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