Russia clears Tecnam P2006T for passenger transport

News about the Tecnam P2006T
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Russia clears Tecnam P2006T for passenger transport

Post by LUFTY » Fri Feb 13, 2015 10:38 pm

Training provider ChelAvia has become the first the company in Russia to secure approval to operate the Tecnam P2006T for commercially.

Capua, Italy-based Tecnam is hoping the endorsement will help to drive up sales of its only in-production piston twin and convince existing owners and operators of the high-wing type to consider other uses or revenue streams for their aircraft.

This approval, Tecnam says “supports our goal of promoting the four-seat P2006T for air taxi and charter operations, having firmly established the light twin as the multiengine choice of aero-clubs, flying schools, syndicates and private aircraft owners around the world”.

Some P2006 customers in Malta and Indonesia have already secured an aircraft operator’s certificate to fly their aircraft commercially, while other owners of the type in Poland, the Czech Republic and South America are looking to follow suit, Tecnam adds.

The P2006T entered service in 2010 and the majority of the 160 aircraft in service today are used for private flying and training.

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